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We would be glad to help you. Simply come on into our store, call us, or contact us via our web site. Be sure to visit our site often to see what's new.


I've never seen a store with such a variety of beads and charms. If you're looking for that perfect charm to complete your bracelet or just want to try your hand and jewelry making this is your place. The staff will even give you pointers if you ask and show you how to tie off your first necklace.

What you can expect to find at BEADS BEADS?

Beads of course...all kinds...crammed in every imaginable nook and cranny of the shop.

Beautiful (okay, and a few not so pretty) beads made from seeds, glass, bone, metal, resin, crystal...

...silver, coral, wood, clay, teeth, recycled material, and other stuff.

We have semiprecious beads, cubic zirconia and freshwater pearls...

...there is a full array of ethnic and antique beads.

Simple and plain beads to fancy, intricately designed beads...

...common every day variety to gorgeous one-of-a-kind beads.

Higher valued early century Czech beads, Chinese glass beads, African trade beads... inexpensive seed beads and much, much more.

And beads ranging in size from under a millimeter to over a centimeter.

At BEADS BEADS, our belief is a bead does not need to be round - it just has to have a hole through it...

We carry beading supplies and tools to help you easily complete your books, bead boards, rigs, hand tools, pliers, glue, string, clasps, accessories and more - whatever is required to complete a project from end-to-end.

Here you will also find a variety of distinctive and sometimes scarce artifacts such as masks, figurines, boxes, gourds, sheaths, shields, vessels and more.

You can also find excellent beadwork from selected artists on display.

A comfortable store environment where you are surrounded by crafty people and are guaranteed to have a great time...don't worry, it is not necessary to know the language and definitions of the bead business, or how to create advanced beadwork...

- We happily cater to all skill levels...from those seeking advice on how to string beads in an attractive manner, to the more sophisticated looking for specific styles and colors to use in advanced bead projects.

Take a small glimpse at some of what you will stumble upon when you visit BEADS BEADS...

Welcome to the BEADS BEADS Store! We have beads -- lots and lots of them!!'

...and see why folks come from all over to shop for their beading supplies or to just visit.

Every nook and cranny filled with beads African, Native American, and cast bronze from Czech Republic

Here you find the lastest and hottest, the odd and unique, the ordinary and simple...

Turquoise, coral, amber, Native American pawn jewelry Watermelon Tourmaline

...the lavish and brilliant, the personalized and prominent beads and artifacts.

Indonesian mask. We have masks and artifacts from around the world. Freshwater pearls in every size and color.  Beads and pendant pieces made of Thailand silver, semi-precious stones from all over the world.

There is an incredible selection to stimulate your creativity and to sparkle new ideas for beadwork projects...

Come on in and visit George - a very popular member of the BEADS BEADS staff New lampwork beads arrive several times a year from the Czech Republic.

...with an almost limitless supply of beads, findings, string, clasps, tools and accessories.

Matching sets of handmade lampwork beads, great for bracelets, or use separately for accent pieces in necklaces and earrings. Annual vintage bead show.<br><br>  Vintage Swarovski Crystals. German, Japanese, Czech Republic Vintage Glass, Pendants, Metal Beads, Clasps, Carnival Beads, Funky Vintage Lucite in Beads and Flowers, Freshwater Pearls & Semi-Precious Stones. Turquoise, Green Garnet, Peruvian Rhodochrosite

Come Visit Us Today ~ Don't Miss Out On This "Gem" of a Store!

Did You Know?

We have been in the same Southern California location since 1986!

When you visit our store, you will find just about any kind of bead imaginable such as Austrian & Czech crystal, Japanese delicas, seed beads, African trade beads, semi-precious glass, and much, much more.




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