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This quaint shack is filled to the brim with beads and bead creations. It's crazy! You will find everything you need to delight your creativity. You can get tools, books, findings, beads, fine stones, vintage pieces, stringing materials... everything. Absolutely everything.


Beads Beads Store, Orange CA

BEADS BEADS started out innocently enough. It began as a simple personal hobby doing beadwork. This hobby continued to grow until it started to overrun the house.

So in 1986, a storefront was created as an outlet for this fun and enjoyable hobby. An old single standalone motel suite was gutted and transformed into a bead shop. The idea was to sell a few items to help support the "habit."

We thought we would attract a few folks who shared the same enthusiams and interest for beading and would make some money doing what we liked. We figured we'd just let the store run its course for a while and didn't really even expect to operate at a break-even point. We would close the store once the novelty wore off or it just became too costly to keep the store open.

Instead what we found, was the do-it-yourself spirit was alive and well and jewelry artists of all skills who designed and assembled hand-made necklaces, bracelets, and earrings came from all over to find and buy what they needed at our bead shop.

Beads Beads Store, Orange CA

The bead world turned out to be bigger than we ever imagined. Business continued to thrive and grow to the point where it truly became a full time job. So the corporate world was left behind to concentrate and put all efforts into the bead business.

We now travel to many locations, domestic and abroad, to find merchandise for our customers. We travel to major bead and gem shows in Florida, Illinois, Colorado, and Arizona. Journey to China, Thailand, Czech Republic, and Australia. And we've visited many other countries to get beads, gems, and artifacts that are of value to our customers.

Because we travel to the source, or where the finest wholesalers and goods can be found to fill our inventory, we are able to present our customers with the best of the best from Austrian and Czech crystal, to Japanese delicas, to trade beads, all the way to seed beads.

We strive to be your full service bead store!

Did You Know?

We have been in the same Southern California location since 1986!

When you visit our store, you will find just about any kind of bead imaginable such as Austrian & Czech crystal, Japanese delicas, seed beads, African trade beads, semi-precious glass, and much, much more.




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