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I saw a necklace at a department store that I really wanted to wear to a social event, but it was more than I could afford. I told my friend about it and she suggested we just go to the bead store and make it! I was able to closely match the necklace which was being sold for $179 for only $57.

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Search through a goldmine of beads, gems and artifacts!

"Make your own unique jewelry and have fun at the same time."

You can save up to 80% on beaded jewelry by making it yourself.

BEADS BEADS, one of the oldest and most respected retail bead shops in Southern California, offers a large selection of beads, gems, artifacts, and supplies for the do-it-yourself craft and jewelry enthusiast. We also have scores of completed pieces for those who simply do not have the time to create their own masterpiece.

You can find colorful beads, gems and artifacts ranging from the rare, to the spectacular, to the weird, to the unique, and yes…even to the ordinary.

So what is the fascination with beads and beadwork? A bead after all is simply a small, decorative object that is pierced for threading or stringing. For centuries, humans have been picking up small objects, drilling holes in them, and stringing them together to wear.

Whether it is because it's less expensive to create your own jewelry, or an enjoyable and practical hobby, or a way to express one's self by adorning unique creations, beads are popular with the public.

And thanks to public demand, the bead business is a booming business. Bead shops have grown from just a very small number many years ago, to numerous shops located just about everywhere today.

The growth of bead businesses is a national trend, and in fact, seems to have been helped from the recent economic downturn. Many have turned to beadwork as a great way to supplement their own income by selling their creations, or have found it to be a pleasurable new hobby that they now have time to do after leaving the corporate world.

The craft of making things with beads is still strong today as it has been for centuries.

As a long time successful Orange County establishment serving the needs of the beading community over the years, we are happy to continue to provide you with all your beads and supplies so you can keep on creating wonderful jewelry - there's no sign of you losing interest in beadwork any time soon!

Large department stores simply do not have the selection of beads and supplies to satisfy beaders, nor do they seem to care. These large department stores do not have variety, are unaware of trends, and are high priced.

Likewise, many bead businesses do not provide a wide variety or carry a large stock of in-demand items because they have not yet learned the cyclical nature of buyers, or are afraid to reinvest earnings back into their inventory for fear that the items may not sell do to changing buying behavior. Or the bead business may simply be cash poor and does not have the ability to keep a large inventory selection.

After almost 20 years of being in this exciting business, BEADS BEADS has learned the bead business inside and out. We have gone through all the hard knocks and understand the buying patterns and needs of customers. Because of this, we have become a very informative and reliable source for all your beadwork needs. We have what you are looking for when you want it, at a very affordable price. And in the unlikely event we don't have what you need, we know where to get it for you or where to send you to get it.

What do customers say they want in a bead shop?

  • Large selection and variety
  • Stock of common items and unique items
  • Knowledgeable staff that shares their beading enthusiasm
  • New and trendy items
  • Low prices

BEADS BEADS works very hard for you to provide value and to exceed your expectation, and gives you all the above and much, much more...

Our customers include:

  • Craft hobbyists who enjoy the creative aspect of making their own unique jewelry
  • Artists who market and sell their own exclusive beadwork
  • Those looking for a more affordable alternative than buying beaded jewelry from a department store
  • Beginner and experienced craftspeople
  • Those buying single beads for mere cents to those buying strands of beads for hundreds of dollars

And our customers use beads in many unbelievable and creative ways...

    They make stunning necklaces, bracelets, watch straps, and earrings...

      Create awesome bookmarks, garnish wine glasses and candlesticks...

        Trim jeans, jackets, shirts, shoes with sensational designs...

          Embellish scrapbooks, picture frames, keepsake boxes...

            Create fascinating 3-dimensional works of art.

There seems to be no end to our customers' enormous (and sometimes strange) imaginations!

Why do our customers come from miles around (some even plan vacations with us as a stop along the way - image that!)?

  • We offer a large selection of quality beads, gems, artifacts, and supplies
  • We have both common and unusual items in our inventory
  • Hidden treasures are often discovered after being buried deep in the bead bins
  • Knowledgeable staff who also enjoys beadwork
  • Meeting other customers who share the same interest
  • Interesting new items are always arriving
  • Seeing something they haven't seen the last time they were here
  • Low prices
  • A fun, friendly and great environment to hang out


  • Our store cat who loves to be out where everyone can pet her

What else makes BEADS BEADS unique?

  • We've been in the same location since 1986
  • We've inspired others to open their own beading establishment
  • We keep up with current trends - we keep a pulse on the beading industry
  • We carry a wider variety and larger selection than most bead stores
  • You can build your own creations or buy completed beadwork

~ Visit BEADS BEADS Today - Don't Miss Out on the Incredible Buys ~

Did You Know?

We have been in the same Southern California location since 1986!

When you visit our store, you will find just about any kind of bead imaginable such as Austrian & Czech crystal, Japanese delicas, seed beads, African trade beads, semi-precious glass, and much, much more.


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